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LessThan10Pounds is a revolutionary and fresh online store that offers some of the latest fashions and trends at extremely low prices. Inspired by the various thrift stores and cheap clothes stores around London

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Our love for budget fashion led us into the creation of the Less Than 10 Pounds Store. We believe that you shouldn’t deprive yourself of all the nice things fashion has to offer. That is why “To bring fashion closer to women of all shapes and sizes around London” became our passion as well as our mission.

Are you one of those low-key fashionistas who are wondering what kind of fashion clothes can you buy for less than 10 pounds? Well, if you think you can’t get the latest and the trendiest in the fashion scene with that price then YOU ARE WRONG! Do you only have 5 pounds left-over budget and you want to treat yourself with something nice? If you think your 5 pounds can’t buy you a fierce and sexy-looking dress or a good pair of shoes, again, YOU ARE WRONG!!!

Here at Less Than 10 Pounds, we curated affordable, high-quality, and stylish fashion clothing and accessories for women who love fashion but are on a budget. We’ve got every fashion piece from head-to-toe for winter, spring, summer, or fall that you might just be looking for. You’ll never run out of choices here at Less Than 10 Pounds because we regularly add products to our collection. We’ve got scarves, bags, belts, shoes, sportswear, dresses, jumpsuits and playsuits, shirts, skirts, shorts, and trousers just for you! We even added the Everything 5 Pounds collection where you can get the cheapest deals for our must-have fashion pieces. Ladies, there is no shame in buying cheap clothes whether they are priced for less than 10 pounds or exactly at 5 pounds. Happy shopping!