Have you ever experienced going on a lunch date with your girlfriends; you are very excited to dress up for your mandatory “groufies” then when you opened your closet, you got extremely overwhelmed by the huge pile of clothes you have but still didn’t find anything to wear? I used to have that dilemma every time I go out. It always felt like I don’t have any decent or fashionable clothes and accessories even though in reality I have quite A LOT!!!    

Eventually, I realized that women must have a set of wardrobe essentials or a style staple. Having your go-to fashion pieces from head to toe would allow you to lessen the confusion you have when you are choosing the clothes you are going to wear plus it will let you easily create different looks! After all, a true blue fashionista knows the art of “mix and matching” clothes.  

While these fashion wardrobe essentials vary from one fashionista’s perspective to another, the considerations are pretty much the same. 


You must be wondering, what should these fashion wardrobe essentials be like?

It’s very simple, try to consider these three things when you shop for clothes and fashion accessories:


Versatile and Wearable

Consider their versatility and wearability. Is it something you can wear from day to night? Can you wear them for casual and formal occasions? Of course, if it’s going to be your style staple, it shouldn’t be something you can only wear once for a specific event and then you can just toss afterward.


Another consideration would be its colours. The choices are limitless when it comes to colours. You can play with a variety of hues that best suit your taste in fashion. I personally love neutral-coloured (specifically black and white) clothes and accessories because they can be easily mixed and matched and be transformed into different looks.


Lastly, comfort. You wouldn’t want to wear something you are not comfortable with, right? I prefer clothes with breathable fabrics, accessories that aren’t too heavy, and shoes that I can comfortably walk with for hours. 

Here are our top 8 personal picks for women’s wardrobe essentials:

Pearl Accessories

Pearl necklace

Pearls are the ultimate girl's best friend! And unlike diamonds, pearls are relatively cheaper but nevertheless, it is equally as elegant as those sparkly diamonds.

Pearls are a perfect statement piece plus it adds elegance and sophistication on any of your ensembles. It is also very versatile and its wearability is superb! A perfect day to night or casual to a formal piece of fashion accessory.  


Plain White Shirtsplain white shirts

Plain white shirts are definitely a must-have in your fashion wardrobe! It is a classic fashion piece that never goes out of style. It is simple yet you can create different looks with it. For example, adding a black coat on your white shirt would instantly make you look extra posh. 

Denim Pants

denim pants

A basic fashion wardrobe must-have! A good ole pair of dark denim pants would be your fashion bestie for many years. Fashion trends come and go but denim pants are here to stay FOREVER! They are versatile and comfortable to wear.  


Black Trousers

Pareiga Trousers

Black trousers have been a classic fashion wardrobe staple for many years already. This is also a perfect piece of fashion clothing for every corporate woman. And since black is a neutral color, it can easily be paired with other colors so styling would be a breeze.

Little Black Dress

Black Round Neck Dress

As the saying goes, "One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress!" It's never too late to invest in this type of clothing. You'd surely look and feel effortlessly fierce and sexy in it. Make sure to pick a style that can withstand all seasons!  

Ankle Boots


Ankle booties are the shoes for all seasons! It can be worn with pants in the winter or short dresses during the summer. Your style is the only limit!!!


White Sneakers

White Sneakers

Whether or not you are that much of a girly girl, you'll surely love a good pair of white sneakers. The best thing about sneakers is that they are very cool and comfortable. And since it's white sneakers we're talking about, it can be paired with almost any outfits you can possibly think of. You can pair it with shorts, pants, or even with your dresses. 



A pair of nice pumps won't let you down most especially if you are a corporate lady. Not only that you can wear an office-appropriate pair of pumps in the office but pumps, in general, can be worn with your formal or party wear.