Everything 5 Pounds

19 products

19 products

We know how important quality, style, and comfort is when it comes to fashion especially when you are choosing your clothes. But these days, affordability is also an important consideration because, why spend more when you can get equally fashionable and high-quality clothes for less? So if you think high-end brands are the only ones who can provide you with high-quality style staples, you better check out our “Everything 5 Pounds” collection! 

Being a fashionista sometimes comes with a hefty price tag especially if you are going for luxury brands but that’s not always the case. Don’t worry because you can still have all the fashionable clothing that you want without breaking the bank! Now you can choose from a wide variety of fashion-forward pieces from head-to-toe where everything is only 5 pounds. 

We curated Everything 5 Pounds for all fashionistas out there who are looking for a cheaper option for high-quality and fashionable clothes.

Everything 5 Pounds has all the fashion clothing that suits your taste, your style, and your budget! You can choose from a wide variety of colours, fabrics, and designs; from casual dresses to party dresses, long sleeve shirts to short sleeve shirts, V-neck shirts to crew neck shirts, tunics, coats, cardigans, round neck jumpers, strappy tops, button-ups, jeggings, denim pants, skirts, and trousers.  

You can also find trendy and classic fashion accessories ranging from bags, belts, scarves, caps and hats, trainers, lace-up and slip-on shoes, booties, and pumps in the Everything 5 Pounds collection too.

So whether you love high-street, classic, or boho-chic fashion, we’ve got it all for you!