40 products

40 products

Are you ready to look fashionable, stylish and trendy? Are you looking for a new pair of jeans, trousers, leggings, jeggings or joggers? If so, then don’t worry we’ve got your back! Not only do we have a variety of styles, colours, patterns, designs, fabrics, shapes and sizes, but we ensure fashion at affordable prices too. Sustainable fashion has never been more important than now so why spend more when you can get fashionable and high-quality clothes for less? So, if you think high end brands are the only ones who can provide you with high quality modern trousers, classic jeans, trendy leggings or comfy jeggings, you better check out our JEANS AND TROUSERS COLLECTION!

Being a fashionista sometimes comes with a hefty price tag, especially if you are going for luxury brands but that’s shouldn’t be the case. You can still have all the trendy fashionable clothing that you want without breaking the bank! In fact, some of our clothing is ex-branded so not only do you get cheap clothes but they are great quality products too. You can choose from a wide variety of different styles, different colours and fantastic fashion-forward pieces. These includes every type of trouser, bottom and pants from trendy jeggings, formal trousers to the perfect pair of skinny jeans.

We curated our jeans and trousers collection for all fashionistas out there who are looking for a cheaper clothing option and for high-quality and fashionable clothes, including plus sizes too. Our jeans and trousers collection has all the fashion clothing that suits your taste, your style and your budget! We have cheap womens trousers, cheap jeans, jeggings and leggings.

Joggers are not just for the gym or lazy weekends anymore; our selection is modern and fashionable and can be worn on a daily basis. Our leggings can also be worn on their own or under dresses, tunics, or skirts. Skinny jeans flatter the female form and some of them are only 5 pounds a pair. We also have the perfect pair of trousers no matter occasion - be it casual, work, formal, cocktail or even a wedding! You can also find trendy and classic fashion accessories to spice up your trousers ranging from belts, trainers, lace-up and slip-on shoes, booties, and pumps. So whether you love high-street, classic, vintage, streetwear or boho-chic fashion - we’ve got it all for you!

We hope during these uncertain times with the corona virus you are all keeping safe and well. The government advice as it stands for covid-19 is to stay at home, clean your hands, keep your distance, stay safe, stay well informed and that is what we will be doing at lessthan10pounds. This does not mean that you cannot look cute whilst staying in isolation, going for your daily exercise, working from home or lounging on the sofa. We have casual wear, comfortable clothing, loungewear, active wear and more to ensure your look is still on point. Stay safe from all of us at lessthantenpounds.