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Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer. As in retail businesses, the majority of retailers make their profit on the difference between the wholesale and retail price, but some retailers earn an agreed percentage of the sales in commission, paid by the wholesaler to the retailer.” From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

Fashiondropshippers gives you the opportunity to start a new business and to become your own boss within a very short time. All you need to do is to sell our products on your own website, or online auction website such as eBay, Amazon, etc. , without the need of holding any stock or worrying about packaging and shipping to your customers. These are services that we will provide to you. We will pack your order and send it directly to your customer.

Drop Shipping service gives you the opportunity to sell our products on your own platform without the need to purchase and hold the stock and worry about packaging and posting to your customers.

So, no matter whether you have an existing business or you simply want to start a part time business with no huge investments it means that you can invest in marketing, developing your website or even customer service.

You can work from any place with an internet connection, even if this is a part time hobby business it can simply be a back bedroom. Once again, no huge investment in premises, staff or office equipment, you can use what you already have, this is also beneficial for existing established businesses that want to increase their product offerings.

It's a tried and trusted business model. The amount of times I have heard the question 'is this legitimate?' or 'what's the catch?'. Yes, it does sound too good to be true but this business model has been around for years and was primarily to be found in the USA in the early years. As with any business model there are always scams and you do need to be careful, how many times have you received an email with the subject 'work from home opportunity', there are many shady characters on the internet so finding a reputable dropshipper with a proven track record is a must.

  • YOUR CUSTOMER orders an item from your website / platform, such as eBay, Amazon, etc.He pays your own price.
  • YOU place an order for the same item on www.fashiondropshippers.com. You pay our price, so the profit is yours.
  • FASHIONDROPSHIPPERS ships the item, on your behalf, directly to your customer.

Shipping & Deliveries

If you have any concerns regarding your customer's order, our Customer Service team will be able to help you. Please send us an email at info@fashiondropshippers.com.

You will receive an email with a tracking number once the parcel is ready for dispatch (this is in addition to your dispatch email). If you have any concerns regarding the order, our Customer Service team will be able to help you. Please CLICK HERE for our contact details

Once you've placed your order and upon successful payment completion, you will be sent to an order confirmation page, which will contain your order number. This information will also be emailed to you, but it could take up to 30 minutes to arrive in your inbox, if you do not see your email please check your junk mail box as well. Once our warehouse team have processed your order, you will receive a second email to let you know that your order has been despatched and is on its way to you.

If you have an item missing from your parcel, please contact our Customer Services Team at info@fashiondropshippers.com


In the unlikely event your customer is not happy with their purchase, they may return it for a refund within 14 days of receiving the original order to either ourselves using the downloadable returns form on our website at their own cost or directly to yourself allowing you to decide whether to resell it or return it back to us at your own cost.

You can download a returns form HERE

If your customer is sending an item back to us please make sure you obtain your proof of delivery. Once we have received the item, the refund will be processed within 7-10 working days. Once we have processed the refund, you will receive a confirmation email.

If in the unfortunate event an item is faulty please contact our friendly customer service team at info@fashiondropshippers.com within 7 days of receiving your parcel who will be happy to advise you how to return the item to us and issue you with a pre paid label. Please be aware that the pre paid label are only for the faulty item that your customer is returning; if a non-faulty item is enclosed in the package you will be liable for the return postage.

Unfortunately, we do not offer exchanges. Your customer will need to return the unwanted item to us or yourself for processing first and then you should place a new order.


This is the 3D Secure Payment option that some banks use to identity you. 3D Secure is an added layer of security for credit and debit card purchases online. We reserve the right to refuse your order if you are offered to give your 3D password but choose not give it. If you have any problems or forget any information please contact your bank in the first instance.

Yes, we require full payment before we can ship any orders.

We do not currently charge any drop shipping fees at all. All you pay is the cost of the product and the shipping carrier costs which will be clearly shown on our website. We reserve the right to change this at any time in the future.


You will find a link on each individual product page that will allow you to download a .zip file of all the products images. You will need a program to unzip the file, you can get a free one called 7zip here

No, we currently do not have a file available containing all our product images.

CSV & XML Files

We provide our dropshipping customers with 3 CSV files. The links for these can be found under your account.

1. CSV Inventory contains the quantities that are available for each item, and it is updated 4 times a day, every 6 hours.

2. CSV Products contains all the features of the items, such as: photographs, description, price, weight, composition, link.

3. Shipping Price CSV feed contains all the shipping and delivery information.

Website Issues

If you are having problems logging in, ordering, paying or simply viewing the website, clearing your browser cache and cookies can help.

Clearing your cache

Clearing your browser’s cache can force recently changed web pages to show up properly. Each browser handles caching differently, so be sure to follow the correct steps for your particular browser.

Clearing your cache in Internet Explorer

In your browser's menu bar go to Tools → Internet Options → General → Browsing History → Delete...
From this window delete the Temporary Internet Files.
Close this window, then select OK before exiting the browser.

Note: If you can't see the Tools option, try hitting F10 on your keyboard.

Clearing your cache in Mozilla Firefox

In your browser's menu bar, go to History → Clear Recent History.
Under "Time Range to Clear" select "Everything."
Expand the "Details" section and check "Cache."
Click the "Clear Now" button.

Clearing your cache in Google Chrome

Type chrome://history in the address bar and hit Enter.
Click the button labeled "Clear browsing data..."
Select the checkboxes for the types of information that you want to remove, especially 'Cached images and files'.
Click "Clear browsing data."

Clearing your cache in Apple Safari

In the Mac OS X menu bar, go to Safari → Empty Cache.
There is no Step 2.

Clearing your cookies

A cookie is a piece of text stored by your browser to help it remember your login information, site preferences, and more. If you are having problems with one of our sites, deleting your cookies will reset your preferences to their default values.

Note: On Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, it is possible to search for and delete only your lessthan10pounds cookies. On Internet Explorer you will have to delete all cookies.

Clearing your cookies in Internet Explorer

In your browser's menu bar, click on "Tools."
Click "Internet Options..."
Under "Temporary Internet Files" on the General Tab, click "Delete Cookies."
Click "Ok" on the dialog box that says, "Delete all cookies in the Temporary Internet Files Folder?"
Click "OK" to exit.

Clearing your cookies in Mozilla Firefox

In your browser's menu bar, click on "Tools." ("Preferences" on OSX)
Click "Options..."
Click on the "Privacy" tab.
Click on "remove individual cookies"
Depending on the products you use, look for cookies ending in lessthan10pounds.com.
Select them and click "Remove Cookie."
Click "Close" to exit.

Clearing your cookies in Google Chrome

Type chrome://settings/content into the address bar and hit Enter.
Click "All cookies and other site data...".
Depending on the products you use, look for cookies ending in lessthan10pounds.com.
Click the X to the right of the cookies you want to remove.
Click Done.

Clearing your cookies in Apple Safari

In the Mac OS X menu bar, select "Safari."
Click "Preferences..."
On the "Security" tab, click "Show Cookies."
Click on "Show Cookies..."
Depending on the products you use, look for cookies ending in lessthan10pounds.com.
Select them and click "Remove."
Click "Done."
Close the Preferences box.

Developer & Hosting

This is difficult as there are many software's and e-commerce platform available and not all developers deal with every one. The easiest way to find a developer for your platform is to search Google. We do not endorse any particular developer.

The simplest way to find a good host is to search Google however you can also search for a hosting provider from WHT (Web Hosting Talk)

We are sorry but we are unable to do this. We suggest you find a good developer for the platform you use.

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